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extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

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Dec 17

Family concert with Juri Tetzlaff

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
11:00 Uhr

A perfectly normal afternoon in Bamberg. The clock-tower strikes three. A musician wakes up gradually from his siesta, to practice a final couple of tricky passages on his instrument. A colleague dances with abandon to Argentinian tango tunes – her way of preparing for the evening concert. For another player, everything’s upside down – he’s doing yoga, for complete relaxation. No, this is no perfectly normal afternoon in Bamberg – it’s the afternoon before a Bamberg Symphony concert! With music by Moritz Eggert and words by Paul Maar, »Die Bamberger Symphoniker gehen zum Konzert« was commissioned by the Orchestra and premiered in 2010 – it’s the ideal way of explaining playfully and using music what a large symphony orchestra does, to listeners young and old. The conductor is Sergey Neller, who won second prize in our »Mahler Competition« last year. Juri Tetzlaff – making no less than his fifth guest appearance with us, as it happens – will introduce you to all our colleagues on stage!

Sergey Neller Conductor
Juri Tetzlaff Narrator

Moritz Eggert »Die Bamberger Symphoniker gehen zum Konzert« - Text von Paul Maar