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Dec 17

With Jakub Hrůša in Hannover

Hannover, Kuppelsaal
19:30 Uhr

For this guest performance we’re bringing passion aplenty with us, hoping to win the hearts of our Hanover audience! As Goethe wrote at the end of »Faust«: »Everything transitory is but a symbol, everything unattainable here comes to pass; what cannot be put in words is here made deed; the eternal feminine draws us on.« Mention Don Giovanni and you’ll immediately be told that he supposedly seduced over a thousand women. In fact, this is only half the story: that thousand was in Spain alone, to which we must add all his conquests in France, Italy, Germany and other countries. Tot them all up and you get more than 2,000! Of course, Mozart’s opera doesn’t have that many female characters: but all its protagonists are certainly catapulted from one emotion to another. Also on tonight’s programme: Brahms’s fourth Symphony, whose mastery impressed Clara Schumann, and which she described as »the servant of all that is beautiful and noble«. In what is Brahms’s best-loved Symphony, themes are continuously varied: scarcely has he stated his melodies than he starts developing them – sending listeners on a wonderfully intricate journey of discovery through the work’s beauties.

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Christian Gerhaher Baritone
Simona Šaturová Donna Anna
Sophie Karthäuser Zerlina

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Auszüge aus »Don Giovanni«, Dramma giocoso in zwei Akten KV 527 (konzertante Aufführung in italienischer Sprache)
Johannes Brahms Symphonie Nr. 4 e-Moll op. 98