bamberger symphoniker

extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

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Rehearsals & Cooperation partners

Bring your pupils to rehearsals!

What actually happens during the days leading up to one of the Orchestra’s concerts? Is the conductor a dictator? And how do instruments get all the way from Bamberg to, say… China? Questions, questions! Well, if you want your kindergarten or school pupils to learn the answers, the Bamberg Symphony’s Education Team can arrange access to rehearsals by appointment.


Music You Can Touch

The Bamberg Symphony is part of the Bamberg Culture and Education Department’s »Kultur.Klassen« Initiative. Orchestral players or small chamber ensembles welcome invitations from primary and secondary schools to join their music teachers in devising music modules.

Cooperation partners

The Bamberg Symphony has a long and successful record of outreach work in schools, involving sixth formers in project-based seminars. Pupils shadow the Orchestra for an extended period and round off the seminar with a project of their own.


»Arts School«

Bamberg's Am Heidelsteig elementary and junior school is situated in the east of the city, in an area known for social problems. Since 2014, the Bamberg Symphony has partnered the school on its way to becoming Bavaria's first »Arts School«. With rehearsal visits, backstage tours and invitations to concerts, the Orchestra is giving a vital boost to the ideal of holistic personal development, and is helping to make music an easily and permanently accessible experience for all grades, as part of the 'living arts syllabus': this means every pupil comes into contact with the Orchestra at least twice a year.

»When a world-class orchestra like the Bamberg Symphony supports the musical work of a school with pupils from 44 countries, it shows the musicians' deep commitment, their determination to cut across boundaries, and their close ties to their home city. The Bamberg Symphony gives the pupils of Am Heidelsteig School access to music and the arts which they'd otherwise have great difficulty in getting. Thanks to this, the arts have become part of the normal school curriculum and the pupils have come to love 'their' Orchestra. It's a model which cries out to be copied elsewhere!«
(Michael Weidenhiller, Under-Secretary, Bavarian State Ministry for Schools and Higher Education, Science and the Arts)

© Andreas Herzau