bamberger symphoniker

extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

Konzerthalle Bamberg
© Andreas Herzau

Portrait of an Orchestra in Images and Words

»bamberg symphony« – anniversary publication marks Bamberg Symphony's 70th birthday

Bamberg is its home, the whole world is its stage – the phrase sums up the Bamberg Symphony's everyday experience. In March 2016, the Orchestra celebrated its 70th anniversary, and to mark the occasion it invited the poet Nora Gomringer and the photographer Andreas Herzau to follow two years of performances in Germany, Europe and Asia.

The pair's joint trips took them deep into the Bamberg Symphony's universe and gave rise to an extraordinary publishing project. Andreas Herzau's photographs afford intimate glimpses of the Orchestra's daily routine and open a quite new, artistic angle on the ensemble, going beyond the purely documentary. Nora Gomringer's distinctively individual voice adds a further layer to these searching images. The result is much more than a portrait of the Orchestra: Bamberg Symphony captures the aesthetic kernel of the phenomenon that is an orchestra, offering us a novel way to experience something we can't actually see – music: it gives visual form to sound. (Preview the publication)

Listen here to Nora Gomringer read from the book. Watch the video trailer here.

»We're delighted to be able to present our Orchestra in a totally different light through this extraordinary book – as unusual as it is fascinating,« says Marcus Rudolf Axt, General Manager of the Bamberg Symphony. »Can music also be expressed in words and images? We feel the authors have succeeded. Just like the Bamberg Symphony when it makes music, this book also evokes 'sonic landscapes' – only without sound.«

It was created during our tours - and it's with us when we are on tour. Read here the blog of our »traveling book«.

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