© Marian Lenhard

Heiko Triebener

From 1982 to 1992, I studied privately with Robert Tucci. He was then tuba of the Bavarian State Opera. My great idols included John Fletcher of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, Arnold Jacobs of the Chicago Symphony, and first and foremost Roger Bobo of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. These and many other musicians were sources of incalculable musical inspiration for me.
I came to the tuba almost by accident: the school orchestra needed a tuba player – my love for this unusual instrument came later. A great incentive was travelling with the school symphony orchestra and wind band to the south of France, England, Romania, Hungary, even Egypt and Israel!
A key experience on my journey to being a professional musician came when my dad put on a record of Johannes Brahms's 1st Symphony: Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker – it literally flipped a switch in my brain. As we say here nowadays, I was completely ‘flashed’, and from then on I was addicted to classical music.

Heiko Triebener, born in Berlin, has been tuba player of the Bamberg Symphony since 1993. Passionately devoted to his chosen home of Bamberg, he is a founding member of the Melton Tuba Quartet. In addition to his work with the Bamberg Symphony’s Education Team, he has held a teaching post at the Würzburg University of Music since 2012. He’s familiar to many Bambergers from the show ‘Lideradurzeuch’ with the actor and speaker Martin Neubauer.