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Mátyás Németh

My grandfather had a collection of string instruments, from which we grandchildren were allowed to play the violins, violas and cello. But the double bass stayed locked in a glass case. One day, when I was eleven, as a treat for me he unlocked the glass door and I was allowed to try the double bass.
It was love at first sight.

Mátyás Németh was born in Csallóköz (a Hungarian region of Slovakia). He learned the double bass first with his uncle Béla Kovács, and later with Ákos Cziglényi at the Conservatoire in Györ (Hungary). He then studied with Prof. Wolfgang Güttler in Karlsruhe, and later with Prof. Stefan Adelmann in Bremen. Mátyás Németh interned at the SWR Kaiserslautern Radio Orchestra and NDR Hamburg Elphilharmonie. From 2006 to 2009 Mátyás Németh was deputy solo double bass with the Essen Philharmonic. He has been a member of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra since 2009. He supplements his everyday orchestral work with chamber music, and he enjoys venturing into very varied styles of music, for example Hungarian gypsy music with the Lewandowski Ensemble or gypsy jazz with trio The Caravans.