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Raúl Teo Arias

Section leader, 2. Violins

Raúl Teo Arias, a native of Mexico City, was first taught by his father, the composer and conductor Emmanuel Arias y Luna. He studied at the Munich University of Music under Prof. Kurt Guntner and Prof. Gerhart Hetzel (First Concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic), successfully graduating from their advanced course in 1991.

As a soloist, he played with the Munich and Bamberg Symphony Orchestras, and with all of Mexico’s symphony orchestras, as well as giving numerous concerts in Japan, South Africa, Hungary, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. In 1990 he was a finalist at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich. He has been leader of the Bamberg String Quartet since 2002, and section leader in the Bamberg Symphony second violins since 1993.