© Marian Lenhard

Tobias Tauber

My most important teacher was Peter Bruns, who was also an example to me because the composition, for him, always comes first. What’s special about being a professional orchestral musician is the way we communicate when we’re playing. This is especially true in Bamberg. One ability I would like to possess outside music is to be always calm and relaxed.

Tobias Tauber had his first cello lessons aged five at the Leipzig School of Music. He gained his first orchestral experiences aged only nine, building on them in many other youth orchestras. He attended Dresden’s State Secondary Music School, where he was taught by Prof. Peter Bruns. As a junior and later full student, he followed his teacher back to Leipzig. He attended advanced classes with Prof. Gotthard Popp, Prof. Marcio Carneiro, Prof. Peter Bruns and Prof. Wolfgang Boettcher. After a year as a substitute in the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, he gained a temporary contract there aged just 22. He has been a member of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra since 2012.