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Jun 19

Ainārs Rubiķis conducts Rimski-Korsakow

Würzburg, Kaisersaal der Residenz
20:00 Uhr

At this year’s Mozart festival, we will be staging a crime comedy that taps into the world of myth and persistent legend! After Mozart’s death, the rumour mill went into overdrive: did he die of natural causes – or was he poisoned by his jealous rival Salieri? Alexander Pushkin joined this speculation in 1830, using it to create a profound verse drama originally titled »Envy«, which he included in his collection of one-act plays with the ironic title »Small Tragedies«. In it, Mozart flees (perhaps because he senses his own death approaching, perhaps to escape his creditors) to his confidant Salieri. He arrives in the company of an old, blind street musician – and despite his troubles he always has a joke at the ready. Salieri grudgingly puts up with his pranks and attends to Mozart’s problems – however, he is so consumed with jealousy of Mozart’s fame that he treacherously mixes poison into the gifted composer’s wine at an inn, silencing his genius forever. Rimski-Korsakov loved fairy-tale subject-matters such as these and based his opera, premiered in Moscow in 1898, on Pushkin’s work: this elegant one-act piece is a real gem, full of humour – but also containing several dramatic scenes. Motifs from Mozart’s »Don Giovanni« and his Requiem are woven into the music. Julian Prégardien will take the role of Mozart, while Thomas E. Bauer will be Salieri. Ainārs Rubiķis, who took over as General Music Director of the Komische Oper in Berlin this season, will lead our orchestra through the narrative world of this fascinating opera, which will be flanked by further works.

Ainārs Rubiķis Conductor
Ilian Garnetz Violin
Julian Prégardien Tenor
Roman Trekel Bass

Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow »Mozart und Salieri«, Oper in einem Akt, konzertante Aufführung