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Nov 18

Andrea Marcon conducts Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven

Fürth, Stadttheater
19:30 Uhr

The story told in a well-known musical joke begins: »At first he beethaved himself, but then quickly became mozardent ...« The Italian Andrea Marcon, a recognised expert in the music of the First Viennese School, will be joining us for our foray into the lives of the classical triumvirate Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. We will start with a symphony influenced by Mozart’s travels, during which he liked to pass the time in his carriage by making up jokes or composing new works. The Symphony in C Major was created »helter-skelter« in 1783 for a spontaneous concert given in Linz, Upper Austria. It is Mozart’s first symphony with a majestic slow introduction and is captivating in its playfulness and rich tonal palette. Our solo oboist Andrey Godik will play the elegiac solo in Haydn’s oboe concerto. Haydn wrote many of his solo concertos as occasional compositions – particularly during his decades at the Esterházy court, which he described as a »fairy realm« in the countryside where he was able to indulge his fondness for hunting and fishing. It has not been definitively proven whether the oboe concerto is really by Haydn – however, its wealth of ideas sparkles with the spirit of Viennese classicism. The musical fireworks then start in earnest with Beethoven’s most passionate symphony, the Seventh. He completed it in 1812 at the same time he wrote the desperate letter to his »Immortal Beloved«, in which he bade a final farewell to any hope of finding happiness in love. Furthermore, he was becoming increasingly deaf. Despite this dismal situation, Beethoven composed a supreme example of life-affirming music. Its programme was interpreted in many different ways – from the depiction of an »ancient festival of the vine« to an »apotheosis of dance«, and its finale was even construed as a »drunken carousel«.

Andrea Marcon Conductor
Andrey Godik Oboe

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphonie Nr. 36 C-Dur KV 425 »Linzer Symphonie«
Joseph Haydn Konzert für Oboe und Orchester C-Dur Hob. VIIg:C1
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 7 A-Dur op. 92

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