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Oct 21

Chamber concert: woodwind quintet

Bamberg, Konzerthalle
17:00 Uhr

Cast change: Andreas Kreuzhuber will take over the horn part for Christoph Eß.

In this concert, our wind ensemble will present a wealth of music inspired by folklore: famous orchestral works, all of which will be performed here in arrangements for wind quintet. Ravel's »Tombeau de Couperin«, completed in 1917, offers a fascinating window onto the Baroque era – a playful piece featuring numerous dances, but with a tragic background: Ravel’s painful loss of his friends. Brahms’s »Hungarian Dances«, published in 1869, are real »earworms« frequently dominated by the fast rhythms of the csárdás – Hungary’s national dance, which translates as »pub dance«. A biographer enthused: »These Hungarian amethysts and topazes would have remained coloured pebbles had Brahms not cut and set them.« Ligeti’s Bagatelles of 1953 are likewise full of the joy of music-making. These musical miniatures are rich in contrast, changing back and forth in character – including the sounds of a waltz and a truly irrepressible finale. Next, we will hear fiery 20th-century rhythms from the Americas. As once was said: »The tango is two serious faces and four feet having fun!« Piazzolla's »Histoire du Tango« gives an impressive description of the history of Argentinean tango in four stations, from »brothel music« around 1900 to the art music of 1985, the year this piece was composed. Numerous virtuoso elements represent the dance’s emotional range. Gershwin liked to integrate jazz and other unusual musical features into his classical works. His 1924 »Rhapsody in Blue« is brimming with inventiveness – after all, he wanted to create a picture of America: »of our unduplicated national pep, of our metropolitan madness!«

Daniela Koch Flute
Andrey Godik Oboe
Christoph Müller Clarinet
Andreas Kreuzhuber Horn
Pierre Martens Bassoon

Maurice Ravel »Le tombeau de Couperin« (Arrangement: Mason Jones)
Johannes Brahms Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5. Allegro (Arrangement: Friedrich J. Gabler)
Johannes Brahms Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 6. Vivace (Arrangement: Friedrich J. Gabler)
György Ligeti Sechs Bagatellen für Bläserquintett
Astor Piazzolla »Histoire du Tango«
George Gershwin »Rhapsody in Blue« (Arrangement: Ernst-Thilo Kalke)