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extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

Apr 21

Our portrait artist plays Ravel and Coll

Erlangen, Heinrich-Lades-Halle
20:00 Uhr

These concerts will start with a »tarantula bite«! Debussy's »Danse« of 1890 is a colourful tarantella – a 17th-century southern Italian folk dance, considered therapeutic because its increasing speed was supposed to help sweat out the spider’s poison. One of Ravel's most popular works is the »Tzigane«, composed in 1924. »Devilishly difficult«, in it Ravel wanted to awaken »the Hungary of his dreams to new life«. The piece’s basic structure follows that of the »pub dance« csárdás and the provocative courtship dance »verbunkos«, with partly untamed, partly comedic violin passages. The rhythm grows ever faster and faster, culminating in a veritable burst of rage. A bravura piece for our featured artist, who will follow this with Francisco Coll's Violin Concerto, which is dedicated to her – the first time this piece will have been performed in Germany. In this work, written in 2019, the Spanish composer consciously wanted to portray Patricia Kopatchinskaja’s artistic personality. The result is a composition full of dizzying streams of notes, hypnotic pull and grotesque dance scenes, as well as lyrical passages that transmute this ecstasy into tenderness. To conclude, we will luxuriate in Tchaikovsky's 1877 classic »Swan Lake«, the fairy tale of the young prince Siegfried who falls in love with the maiden Odette. Odette has been transformed into a white swan by the magician Redbeard, who does everything in his power to ensure that his daughter Odile, the black swan, marries the prince instead. But after a series of intrigues and confusion, the powers of evil prove defenceless against true love. Tchaikovsky’s music for this ballet is exquisite, full of catchy melodies and seductive rhythms. As he once said: »In my music, I have always tried to express all the agony and ecstasy of love.«

Gustavo Gimeno Conductor
Patricia Kopatchinskaja Violin

Claude Debussy »Danse« (»Tarantelle styrienne«)
Maurice Ravel »Tzigane« für Violine und Orchester
Francisco Coll Konzert für Violine und Orchester, Deutsche Erstaufführung einer gemeinsamen Auftragskomposition des Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg und der Philharmonie Luxembourg, der NTR ZaterdagMatinee, des London Symphony Orchestra, der Seattle Symphony und d
Piotr I. Tschaikowski Suite aus dem Ballett »Schwanensee« op. 20