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Oct 21

Pierre-Laurent Aimard plays Mozart

Abo D
Bamberg, Konzerthalle
20:00 Uhr

Olivier Messiaen was a curious free spirit, whose calling card also gave his profession as »ornithologist« – because he travelled the world, writing down the calls of birds. His 1956 work »Oiseaux exotiques« thus proves to be a unique concerto of birdsong, based on songs of exotic birds from India, China, Malaysia and America. The bright colours of their plumage also create a wonderful musical rainbow. Our pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard is an expert performer of Messiaen’s dazzling synesthetic music. He will also interpret an important work by Mozart – who loved to experiment, once sitting blindfold at the piano as a special attraction. After the premiere of the C minor Concerto, one reviewer said: »One can scarcely imagine the faces the Viennese made when he played them this work«. Working in parallel to composing his refreshing »Figaro« opera, Mozart wrote this deep piano concerto in great haste in 1786 for one of his rousing performances – an »explosion of passion, of dark, tragic feelings«. The concert will conclude with the symphonic concentration of a famous stage work. In 1908, Richard Strauss chose the traumatised king's daughter Elektra as the protagonist of an opera full of psychological abysses, in which one of the characters says: »Lässt die Neugier dich nicht los?« (»Will curiosity not let you go?«) Elektra is kept alive by the need to avenge her father Agamemnon’s dastardly murder of at all costs. Strauss created a stirringly expressive portrait of overwhelming musical power. We will perform the fascinating instrumental suite that Manfred Honeck created together with the Czech composer Tomáš Ille in 2016 – an opera in fast forward and completely without words!

Manfred Honeck Conductor
Pierre-Laurent Aimard Piano

Olivier Messiaen Oiseaux exotiques
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Konzert für Klavier und Orchester c-Moll KV 491
Richard Strauss »Elektra« Symphonische Rhapsodie