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Marcus Rudolf Axt
© Andreas Herzau


Dear music-lovers,

Sometimes a scent of freshly baked bread is enough to evoke childhood memories. The sense of smell activates areas of our brain that are responsible for processing emotions or memory. Marcel Proust already described this phenomenon in his novel "In Search of Lost Time".

Similar to the power of smells, sounds, tones and melodies also evoke memories in us. Besides individual experiences, which we remember when listening to music, we sometimes recognize in works unknown to us a melody or harmony, which we have already heard another time. Quotes from the composer, deliberately or unconsciously, cross-references to the history of music, these are musical memories that will accompany our 2019 / 20 concert season. But also composers' memories of events or persons, as "homage" or quotation, are hidden in the programmes. Some things are already recognizable in the title, such as in Alban Berg's Violin Concerto "Dem Andenken eines Engels" ("The memory of an angel"), some things remain hidden in the sound and are intended to inspire you to listen consciously and enjoy the music in a way that reminds you.

But we would also like to remind you of Ludwig van Beethoven, whose 250th birthday the music world will celebrate next year. We take this as an opportunity to look at his symphonies and their effects over the next few years. Jakub Hrůša has developed programs that juxtapose one Beethoven symphony with another symphonic work, in which Beethoven's influence becomes recognizable and audible. The memory of Gustav Mahler, and thus of the prehistory of our orchestra in Prague, also continues: with the progression of the Mahler cycle under Jakub Hrůšas and a new edition of our "Mahler Competition", the world's most important conductor competition for a long time. Do you remember the first prize winner in 2004?

Last but not least, as a portrait artist of the season, a special soloist will show many facets of her skills: The Argentinian cellist Sol Gabetta will play concerts by Shostakovich, Elgar and Weinberg with us and will also perform chamber music together with our musicians.

I cordially invite you to enjoy our new concert season and wish you many great, memorable concerts with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra!

Marcus Rudolf Axt
Chief Executive

Please find our season brochure here.