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Marcus Rudolf Axt

The anniversary season 2020/2021

Dear music-lovers,

It soon will be 75 years since an orchestra was (re)founded in a small Bavarian city that had survived the War well-nigh unscathed – an orchestra that brought together musicians from Prague and German-speaking Bohemia and thus had a tradition of more than 150 years as its birthright. We want to celebrate this, looking back gratefully on 75 years of music for the entire world – a world that we have travelled from the very beginning as cultural ambassadors of Bavaria and the whole of Germany, giving more than 7,300 concerts at 535 locations in 63 countries.

Not only the gala anniversary concert – of which we are delighted to announce the Bavarian Prime Minister will be the patron – but the entire season will be filled with festive music. Celebrations almost inevitably involve the sound and rhythm of dance, which for millennia has been perhaps the most primeval form of ritualized celebration. Dance and dances in symphonic music thus also feature in our concerts. We will open the season with Carl Maria von Weber's "Invitation to the Dance” and continue our frolics with Bartók's Dance Suite, the Symphonic Dances from Bernstein's "West Side Story”, and Ravel's "Bolero", as well as ballet music by de Falla, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky.

In this anniversary season, too, our world-renowned orchestra will be on tour from South America to Japan, and performances in the Elbphilharmonie and the concert halls of Baden-Baden, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna have become traditional fixtures in our annual tour schedule. The immediacy of the concert experience plays a vital role in the dialogue between cultures, and in times of climate change, as an orchestra of the world we naturally are aware of the need to preserve creation as best we can during our travels.

But 75 years of Bamberg Symphony Orchestra also means 75 years of loyal concertgoers in the World Heritage city – concertgoers who recently were voted "Audience of the Year". We are rewarding them with a special gift – a long night of chamber music at special locations throughout Bamberg and an end-of-season open-air concert on the runway of Bamberg airfield.

Do join our celebrations, whether in Bamberg or at one of our concerts in Asia, South America and Europe. Welcome!

Marcus Rudolf Axt
Chief Executive

Please find our season brochure here.
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