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Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions


The following conditions apply for admission to »The Mahler Competition«:

1. Participants (m, f, d) may not be more than 35 years old on 1.1.2023.

2. By 30 November 2012, 24:00 CET (date of receipt), the fully and truthfully completed online application form must be submitted, subject to the conditions of the competition, and the recordings of meaningful conducting of different works in an approved video format in the required audio format - and image quality have been uploaded to youtube and the link must have been communicated in the form. Late or incomplete applications will be disregarded. The information provided remains with The Mahler Competition and may be permanently stored there for documentation purposes.

3. The applicant (m, f, d) undertakes to be regularly available for clarification of queries at the telephone number and email address given in the form during the selection phase. The selection jury reserves the right to check the existence of the selection criteria and the information provided by the applicant by submitting scans / photos of official documents. The applicant (m, w, d) agrees to send such evidence on request at short notice.

4. The uploaded videos must be left on youtube until 15.02.2023. They can be made available to the competition both publicly and privately. The Mahler Competition is entitled to download the videos for easier selection of youtube candidates to have the video available offline. The Mahler Competition will delete offline content on its own systems after the conclusion of the selection jury meeting.

5. The selection of the applicants who are invited to the competition in Bamberg will be decided by the selection jury at their own discretion. The decisions of the selection jury are unimpeachable. The competition management is also entitled to refuse an application without stating reasons.

6. The arrival and departure of the participants will be organized by the competition. The cost of the participants for the arrival and departure to Bamberg will be taken up to € 1,000 from the competition resp. to be refunded against proof, as far as these had previously been agreed with the competition management.

7. The Mahler Competitio« provides the participants with overnight accommodation.

8. Participants receive a per-diem of € 50 / day during their participation in the competition in Bamberg.

9. Participants undertake to participate in all rehearsals and concerts of the Competition to which they are admitted, whether public or non-public.

10. The decisions of the jury are incontestable and need not be substantiated. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes or to share them. The competition management assumes no guarantee that all rounds will be held in front of the entire jury. In addition, the jury reserves the right to cancel works in the individual competition rounds or only to listen to excerpts.

11. The competition is partly public. Only the competition management decides on the admission of listeners.

12. »The Mahler Competition« has the right to take photographs of the competition as well as to record the competition in whole or in part for radio, television and digital media and to have it broadcast (live). The participants grant the competition the exclusive and complete right of use of these recordings without separate remuneration.

13. The winners undertake to state for 10 years at each performance and engagement that they are winners of »The Mahler Competition«.

14. By registering the applicants confirm the knowledge and understanding of these conditions.

15. If the text interpretation is in doubt, only the German version shall prevail.

16. Legal recourse is excluded