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In Honour of Joseph Keilberth

An academy for trained musicians is a contradiction in terms. Surely, with your diploma under your belt, you don’t need yet more teaching? When it comes to orchestra academies, though, that's a misconception. They offer expertise not available from a typical conservatoire, and which is indispensible even to fully qualified and trained musicians aiming for positions in top orchestras. Orchestra academies are the final leg-up to full pro status, rather like the junior team at Bayern Munich!

Bamberg has run one since 2010; in 2014, it has been renamed the Joseph Keilberth Orchestra Academy, and with good reason. With the two-year bursary comes the ideal musical and personal preparation for a professional performing career, as well as immersion in Bamberg's unique performing culture. The Orchestra's history and musical tradition have earned this the soubriquet of »Bohemian sound«, and our first Chief Conductor, Joseph Keilberth, played a large part in shaping it.

Bursary holders will spend time on different desks of their orchestral section and, through daily collaboration with more experienced colleagues, will grow into ensemble players with leadership skills. Many of the Bamberg Symphony's members specialise in contemporary music or are experts in historically-informed performance; some are themselves conductors or have experience as instrumental teachers. Bursary holders are free to harness these skills and capabilities as best suits them, choosing their mentor from the Orchestra and switching to another if they wish; unlike at a conservatoire, they are not tied to a single tutor.

We have devised an exhaustive training method built on six foundations: participation in regional and international concert projects and CD session; one-to-one instrumental tuition with Orchestra members; preparation of chamber music repertoire; coaching for auditions; additional training with outside experts, including master-classes; and involvement in outreach work, helping to break down the barriers which prevent young people from enjoying classical music and to widen their musical horizons.

The Joseph Keilberth Orchestra Academy is made possible by the generous support of Michael Stoschek. Furthermore, we thank Werner and Brigitte Rupp for their sponsorship.

Selection process
The Orchestra Academy is aimed at music students in the later stages of their courses and conservatoire graduates, aged up to 26 years (at the time of audition). They must qualify for a bursary by passing an audition in front of the Orchestra. This is followed by a four-month probationary period.

Bursary value
The bursary is awarded for a duration of 2 years and is worth €800 per month. For guidance, holders are expected to complete some 120 shifts per season.

Free places

For further information, please contact Ronja Guenther:
Tel +49 951 9647-105


You too can support the Joseph Keilberth Orchestra Academy!

By making a contribution or giving long-term support as »godparent« to a young bursary-holder, you will help us to achieve our ambitious artistic aims, while enjoying close contact with »your Orchestra«, both in Bamberg and on international tours, as well as at exclusive special events.


Stiftung für internationale Orchesterprojekte der Bamberger Symphoniker

Bamberg Symphony Foundation for International Orchestral Projects
Foundation fully constituted in civil law, registered in Bamberg
Foundation Chairman: Peter Gartiser
Mußstraße 1
D-96047 Bamberg

The members of our Orchestra Academy:

Violin: Natália Nagyová (Slovakia), Anne Rothaupt (Germany), Nina Junke (Deutschland)  Violoncello: Lea Tessmann (Germany)
Doublebass: Nicolò Zorzi (Italy)  Oboe: Adrián Guzmán Sancho (Spain)  Clarinet: Viviana Rieke (Germany)
: Petra Seidl (Austria)  Percussion: Paul Vallant (Austria)