extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.


Symphonic landscapes

Fellow music-lovers,
»Extraordinary City. Extraordinary Orchestra« – these are the words we've chosen to front our new season's brochure. To us, it's quite normal that nearly one in ten Bambergers has a Symphony season ticket, but it always amazes outsiders. [more]

Address of the Bavarian State Minister

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow music-lovers,
Among Bavaria's many beautiful cities and towns, Bamberg is a very precious pearl. If you're keen to experience unspoiled city living, and immerse yourself in a thousand years of history, if you want to understand why culture and art are in Bavaria's DNA and why they're so important and fundamental to Bavarian identity and self-image – for all this, you only have to come to Bamberg. [more]

Ticket booking for the season 2014/2015

Renew your subscription now - or book a new one for the season 2014/2015. Single tickets for all season concerts will be available after 26 July 2014. Booking for the New Year's Eve Concert starts on 27 September 2014. [more]