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Dec 17

With Jakub Hrůša and Christian Gerhaher in Munich

München, Philharmonie
20:00 Uhr

A new work can trigger a deeply passionate backlash! Schubert must have experienced this with his opera »Alfonso and Estrella«, deemed a failure and never performed during his lifetime. Unfairly: its arias are poetic masterpieces! As a pupil in Schoenberg’s circle, Alban Berg didn’t have it easy either: in 1912, he composed a cycle drawn from impressions scribbled on picture-postcards by the literary bohemian Peter Altenberg. It will forever be linked with the stormy scandal of its premiere – which was conducted by Schoenberg, and was halted due to protest from the audience. One can hardly credit it today: by turns lyrical and dramatic, the songs take us on an extraordinary journey. Like living organisms, their motifs constantly evolve – as do those of Brahms’s fourth Symphony. He composed it in Mürzzuschlag, a Styrian holiday resort at the foot of the Semmering, but in letters he described the new work as complicated. He wondered, ironically, »if it’ll ever get more audiences! You see, I’m afraid it has the same flavour as our local climate – cherries don’t ripen here, you wouldn’t want to eat them!« But there’s no hint of bitter cherries in the Symphony – Joseph Joachim enthused over the »solidity of its invention« and its »richness and beauty«!

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Christian Gerhaher Baritone

Alban Berg Fünf Orchesterlieder nach Ansichtskartentexten von Peter Altenberg op. 4
Franz Schubert »Sei mir gegrüßt, o Sonne« und »O sing mir, Vater« aus »Alfonso und Estrella« D 732
Johannes Brahms Symphonie Nr. 4 e-Moll op. 98