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Oct 17

Thomas Dausgaard conducts Messiaen and Bruckner

Abo A
Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
20:00 Uhr

Anton Bruckner once remarked, »Anyone hoping to build tall towers should spend plenty of time on the foundations«. Shaped by his upbringing in the monastery of St. Florian, his first passion was playing the organ. He was deeply religious, praying daily, and said: »How could I stand before God our Lord, if I followed other gods and not Him?« He composed the sweeping »Perg Prelude« in 1884, for the Mayor of Perg in Upper Austria. But Bruckner was, of course, far more than a church musician in the concert hall. He left a monumental symphonic universe, studded with unmistakably confessional works. His second composition in the genre enjoyed success at its premiere in 1873, yet twice he subjected the Symphony to revisions, goaded by the carping of self-appointed advisers. Especially witty critics even gave it the humorous nickname »Symphony of Pauses«: its strands unfurl on an epic scale, are suddenly cut off by total silences, and just as unexpectedly weave their way onwards. His love of sacred music left a trace in the form of quotations from his own Mass in f minor. Bruckner’s Prelude and Symphony frame an opulent work by Olivier Messiaen, who was described by a contemporary as »a glowing crucible«. For Messiaen too, faith and nature were the ultimate models. His four impressionistic meditations of 1932 / 1933 recast the biblical Ascension in music, complete with the birdsong evocations and exotic rhythms which he often employed. He himself referred to its »voluptuous« sound palette, which we will bring to palpable life together with our Principal Organist and guest conductor Thomas Dausgaard!

Thomas Dausgaard Conductor
Christian Schmitt Organ

Anton Bruckner Präludium C-Dur für Orgel solo »Perger Präludium«
Olivier Messiaen »L'Ascension«, Vier symphonische Meditationen
Anton Bruckner Symphonie Nr. 2 c-Moll