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extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.


With "Má vlast" on European tour

It will start with the opening concert of the Prague Spring Festival: Our European tour with Bedřich Smetana's »Má vlast«. The tour takes us back to the orchestra's Bohemian roots, but also to the beginning of the era of our Chief Conductor Jakub Hrůša. He made his debut in Bamberg in 2014 with this piece - and together we released our CD in 2016!


Ladies and gentlemen, fellow music-lovers,

In the 74th year of its existence, the Bamberg Symphony continues to travel the world. Tours to China, Poland and Spain are on the itinerary of our Bavarian State Philharmonic. I am very pleased that Bavaria has such an outstanding cultural ambassador. The orchestra enjoys an excellent global reputation and together with its promising young Principal Conductor Jakub Hrůša, can celebrate great success with audiences all over the world.


Dear music-lovers,

Sometimes a scent of freshly baked bread is enough to evoke childhood memories. The sense of smell activates areas of our brain that are responsible for processing emotions or memory. Marcel Proust already described this phenomenon in his novel "In Search of Lost Time". Similar to the power of smells, sounds, tones and melodies also evoke memories in us.