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With music teaching fast disappearing from kindergartens and schools, the Orchestra’s educational work is becoming more crucial by the day. For over fifteen years now, the Bamberg Symphony has been making available special concert formats for children and young people, opening up rehearsals to interested groups of youngsters, and taking instruments and music into schools and kindergartens under the slogan »Music You Can Touch«. Since the 2014/15 season the Bamberg Symphony has partnered Am Heidelsteig Arts School, a local inner-city primary and secondary, which has collaborated with Bamberg’s School and Day-Centre Cultural Service (KS:BAM) to become one of Bavaria’s first arts schools.

On the following pages you’ll find detailed information about our many and varied music education and outreach possibilities and projects, including:


A further focus of Bamberg Symphony‘s education work is also the promotion of professional young artists. This includes