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extraordinary city.
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Junge Deutsche Philharmonie

It must be every musician’s dream: joining a great, internationally renowned orchestra, where you can pursue your passion for music. That dream, of working with famous soloists and conductors, is the ambition of any professional who makes music in larger groups.

Members of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie get help in achieving this ambition because they’re able to learn from professional players with long experience, who know what it takes to maintain perfect mastery of their instrument and are familiar with the challenges of the orchestral musician’s daily routine: endurance, discipline and the highest expectations of performance.

This is what makes link-ups between professional orchestras and youth orchestras so very beneficial. Both parties are greatly enriched by the contact and exchange between them. Up-and-coming musicians get help on their track to orchestral jobs, and enjoy multi-faceted support and supervision from professionals. The latter benefit from the younger generation’s breath of fresh air and enthusiasm, and may get to know someone who in a couple of years could be a colleague sitting near them on stage.

This kind of mentoring relationship has existed between the Bamberg Symphony and Junge Deutsche Philharmonie since the 2015/2016 season. The instigator of this partnership was Jonathan Nott, then still Bamberg’s Principal Conductor. Today the two orchestras have in common a joy in collective music-making, their members’ active commitment to this project and an atmosphere of friendly ease. The Junge Deutsche Philharmonie has visited Bamberg twice now, showing what it can do in concerts here, with members of the Bamberg Symphony coaching the aspiring orchestra and preparing the young players in sectional rehearsals for each concert series.

In future, this excellent initiative is to be put on a firmer footing as part of the Bamberg Symphony’s education programme, and will be made more far-reaching and sustainable. In addition to the existing mentoring scheme, and the opportunities to rehearse and perform in Bavaria’s finest concert hall, further ideas to be developed and implemented are: planning joint projects with the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, mounting training days on topics related to the professional world of the orchestral player, preparation for auditions, socializing off the concert platform, plus chances to attend Bamberg Symphony rehearsals and concerts.

Time will tell how well and fully these plans are put into practice. We are prepared to throw our full collective weight behind them. It’s the only way to realise every young musician’s ambition: to be a professional orchestral player.