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U30? Sound world class! The Bamberg Symphony's new U30 offer

The previous student and pupil subscription to the Bamberg Symphony has been given a new look and feel for the opening of the 2023/24 season. As an "U30 subscription", everyone under 30 can enjoy world-class concerts for only 15 euros. The U30 single tickets offer maximum flexibility beyond the subscription.

If that's not a bang for the buck! The previous student and pupil subscription has been given a sensational upgrade with the U30 subscription. Kids and teens, schoolchildren and apprentices, students and young professionals can book every seat in every category* for only 15 euros for every concert in the five regular subscription series A to E as part of the new U30 offer.

The U30 subscription in quick check

The new U30 subscription is aimed at all classical music fans up to their 30th birthday. You choose one of the five subscription series A to E and fix your U30 subscription to it:

- Subscription A: 10 concerts
- Subscription B: 8 concerts
- Subscriptions C, D and E: 6 concerts

Each concert costs a flat rate of 15 euros. The U30 subscription is therefore ideal for children and grandchildren in families in which all over 30s have a regular subscription. The highlight: for the U30 price, you can even get the best seat - for the whole season!

Maximum flexibility with U30 single tickets

Those who do not want to commit to subscription dates for an entire season retain full spontaneity with U30 single tickets. These single tickets are also available for all concerts in all seat categories* for a flat rate of 15 euros. The prerequisite for their purchase is U30 membership, which costs 30 euros per season.

The special extra for U30 subscribers: they are automatically U30 members and can thus purchase additional individual tickets beyond their subscription concerts at the preferential price of 15 euros.

Bookable on all channels

The U30 membership and U30 individual tickets are available now:
- online in the webshop
- by e-mail at
- by telephone on +49 951 99 39 10 99
- live at the Bamberg Symphony Shop, Lange Straße 30, 96047 Bamberg

For a U30 subscription - and the best choice of seats - please contact our shop directly (see above).

© Marian Lenhard

*According to availability