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CURRENT NOTE: Due to the current Covid 19 situation some restrictions apply for the rehearsal and school visits. Please contact us for details.

Rehearsal visits

Bring your pupils to rehearsals! What actually happens during the days leading up to one of the Orchestra’s concerts? Is the conductor a dictator? And how do instruments get all the way from Bamberg to, say… China? Questions, questions! Well, if you want your kindergarten or school pupils to learn the answers, the Bamberg Symphony’s Education Team can arrange access to rehearsals by appointment.

Dates by arrangement at

For children aged 5 years up and teenagers
Duration: 1-3 hours depending on interest and age of visitors

© Marian Lenhard
© Marian Lenhard
© Marian Lenhard

Music You Can Touch

Orchestral musicians come to you in kindergarten or at school.

In »Music You Can touch«, individual Bamberg Symphony players create a teaching unit in consultation with the teacher.
Pupils are given the chance to get to know the musicians and their instruments up close, which they otherwise only see on stage - if at all. Using short pieces of music, performed for the pupils, the first step is to explain how the instruments work. Pupils are also allowed to try them out - music you can touch! In addition, the players can focus on certain aspects of the music and analyse them together with the students.

The content of the teaching unit is determined mainly by the wishes and ideas of the teacher. An ideal way to round off the unit is to follow promptly with a visit to a rehearsal of to the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra.

Dates by arrangement at