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May 20

Andrew Manze conducts Bruckner and Berg

Schweinfurt, Theater
19:30 Uhr

As Albert Schweitzer once said: “The most beautiful memorial a person can have is in the hearts of his or her fellow human beings.” A tragic event motivated Alban Berg to write his famous violin concerto in 1935: in the score, which was composed in feverish haste in the year of his own death, he noted that it was “dedicated to the memory of an angel”. This angel was Manon Gropius, Alma Mahler’s daughter, who died of polio. The melodies of the Carinthian folk tune “Ein Vogerl auf'm Zwetschgenbaum” (“A little bird in the plum tree”) and the chorale “Es ist genug” (“It is enough”) from Bach’s cantata “O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort” (“O eternity, you word of thunder”) are woven into this mystical, dream-like work. In our concert, the virtuoso violinist Karen Gomyo, who is much in demand around the world, will evoke the emotional worlds of this instrumental requiem on her “Aurora” Stradivari. This moving piece will be framed by two symphonic compositions, one of which is a music-historical riddle: the “Symphonic Prelude” was discovered after the Second World War and has puzzled scholars ever since. Whether Bruckner really wrote it or not is still disputed. However, the way that it revels in melancholy minor keys is truly reminiscent of Bruckner’s worlds of sound. He simply may have left it in a drawer and forgotten about it – as he did with many other works, especially at the beginning of his musical career. Bruckner was already over forty when he published his first full symphony – and in it we can already hear Bruckner’s typical style, which is often reminiscent of cathedral architecture. He himself called it a “keckes Beserl”, a “saucy girl”, and said: “I have never been as bold and saucy again, and I compose just like a fool in love.”

Andrew Manze Conductor
Karen Gomyo Violin

Anton Bruckner Symphonisches Präludium c-Moll
Alban Berg Konzert für Violine und Orchester »Dem Andenken eines Engels«
Anton Bruckner Symphonie Nr. 1 c-Moll