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Feb 19

Antonello Manacorda conducts Mendelssohn, Chopin and Schumann

Erlangen, Heinrich-Lades-Halle
20:00 Uhr

»Shining, magic, moonlit night, capturing our senses with your glory, world of wondrous fairy story, in ancient splendour now take flight!« (Ludwig Tieck) Mendelssohn’s profoundly emotional 1833 programme music with its blossoming melodies brings the »fairy-tale of fair Melusine« to life. It tells of the fate of the seductive mermaid, who takes on human form and falls in love with a young knight, who has to promise that he will never ask her where she is from – but their happiness is doomed. Robert Schumann praised the overture in glowing terms, speaking of »shooting fishes with golden scales, pearls in open shells«. Schumann had an instinctive feeling for this kind of poetry and liked to invent fictional characters himself. His elegiac »Fantasiestücke« (»Fantasy Pieces«) were written in 1849. These three gems are interlinked through harmonic and motivic references – as if Schumann wanted these »songs without words« to tell an atmospheric story. Ulrich Witteler will conjure up these musical fantasies on his cello. Frédéric Chopin’s Second Piano Concerto, written in 1829/30, likewise radiates pure Romanticism. The central Larghetto movement is a passionate declaration of love: at the time of writing, Chopin was in love with a young singer – but was too shy to tell her. To end the concert, Antonello Manacorda will lead us through the optimistic »Spring Symphony«. Newly wed to his beloved Clara, Schumann sketched it in 1841 in only four days – and said it was »born in a fiery hour« and »in the urgency of spring that takes possession of human beings afresh every year, no matter how great their age. I did not want to describe, to paint; but that the time at which the symphony was written had an effect on its form, that I do believe.«

Joseph Bastian Conductor
Szymon Nehring Piano
Ulrich Witteler Violoncello

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy »Die Hebriden«, Ouvertüre op. 26
Frédéric Chopin Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 2 f-Moll op. 21
Robert Schumann Fantasiestücke für Violoncello und Klavier op. 73
Robert Schumann Symphonie Nr. 1 B-Dur op. 38 »Frühlingssymphonie«

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