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Oct 18

Chamber Concert

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
17:00 Uhr

An oboe, horn and piano trio creates an exciting combination of sounds, perfect for suggestive works. The concert will start by conjuring up dreams of the »One Thousand and One Nights« in the »Air Arabe«. As a legal scholar and lawyer, its composer formed part of high society in imperial Vienna; his real name was Freiherr Heinrich von Bach, but he published his 300 compositions under the pseudonym Heinrich Molbe. His »Air« was performed in the late 19th-century Viennese salons: a skilful blend of orientalism and late Romanticism, written – how could it be otherwise – in 3/4 time! The poetic Notturno by Carl Reinecke, born in Altona in 1824, is somewhat more European in style, but no less Romantic. Reinecke conducted the concerts in Leipzig’s Gewandhaus for 35 years and thus was able use the orchestral instruments’ sound to utmost effect. In this night piece, the horn’s warm and the oboe’s belcanto timbre create a particularly elegiac atmosphere – and his Trio op. 188, a large-scale late work, achieves an incredible density and intensity. It was said of Francis Poulenc, who was a member of the »Groupe des Six« during the 1920s: »Two souls live in Poulenc – the soul of a monk and the soul of a rascally boy.« The 1962 Sonata for Oboe and Piano was one of his last works: he wrote it in memory of Prokofiev, whose style shimmers through particularly in the cheerful, lively Scherzo. The entertaining Trio by Jean-Michel Damase, who died in 2013, displays a carefree development of melodic ideas reminiscent of Poulenc’s – but for all its airiness, this commissioned work, written in 1991 for the International Horn Society, demands complete technical mastery of its players.

Andrey Godik Oboe
Swantje Vesper Horn
Gleb Koroleff Piano

Heinrich Molbe »Air arabe« für Oboe, Horn und Klavier op. 77
Carl Reinecke Notturno für Horn und Klavier op. 112
Carl Reinecke Trio für Oboe, Horn und Klavier op. 188
Francis Poulenc Sonate für Oboe und Klavier
Jean-Michel Damase Trio für Oboe, Horn und Klavier