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Feb 18

Chamber concert

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
17:00 Uhr

»Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited!« A line from Stanley Kubrick’s cult film »A Clockwork Orange«. George Bernard Shaw, though, aired the following ironic thought: »The chief objection to playing brass instruments is that it prolongs the life of the player beyond all reasonable limits.« Think of pure brass music and you’ll inevitably think of military tattoos or marching parades. For a long time, trumpets and trombones were often admitted to the classical orchestra only for signal-like calls. Chamber music with brass was an almost complete desert. From the 19 century onwards, that was less and less the case, thanks in particular to technical advances such as the invention of valves. Since then, many composers have written original works exploiting to the full the trumpet’s and trombone’s wide palette of moods – be it pastel-hued tone-painting or a mad roller-coaster ride at breakneck tempi. Highlights of this barnstorming programme: the world premiere of a brand new work by Andreas Willscher, and an arrangement of the scintillating »Rhapsody in Blue« by George Gershwin, who once said: »There is only one important thing is music, and that is ideas plus feeling!«

Markus Mester Trumpet
Angelos Kritikos Trombone
Andreas Weimer Piano (guest)

Eric Ewazen »There is a Lady Sweet and Kind«, »Weep You No More, Sad Fountain« und »Jack and Joan, They Think No ill« aus »An Elizabethan Songbook« für Trompete, Posaune und Klavier
Eugene Bozza »Ballade« für Posaune und Klavier
Eugene Bozza »Rustiques» für Trompete und Klavier
Andreas Willscher »7 Mendelssohn-Stationen« (Arbeitstitel), für Trompete, Posaune und Klavier, Uraufführung
Jan Koetsier »Gran Trio« für Trompete, Posaune und Klavier
George Gershwin »Rhapsody in Blue«, Bearbeitung für Klavier solo von Andreas Weimer
Joseph Turrin »Fandango« für Trompete, Posaune und Klavier