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Dec 18

Chamber Concert with Martin Fröst

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
20:00 Uhr

This year’s featured artist, Martin Fröst, is a skilled teller of tales on his instrument. In this chamber concert, he will embark upon a scintillating musical journey full of contrasting emotions. Our guests, the celebrated Quatuor Ébène, will be at his side. The atmospheric first part of the concert will be devoted to Brahms. We will hear his first String Quartet, which he wrote in 1873 after honing his skills in this genre for a long time, overawed by Beethoven’s works. His numerous »Hungarian Dances« are extremely catchy tunes: many of these convivial compositions are based on the »csárdás« – the national dance of Hungary, which translates as »inn dance«. A biographer waxed lyrical about these dances: »These Hungarian amethysts and topazes would have remained colourful pebbles had Brahms not cut and set them.« His famous Clarinet Quintet was almost never composed; in 1890, Brahms wrote to his publisher: »I am sure that it’s time to go.« He had already written his will. One year later, however, he was deeply impressed by Richard Mühlfeld, the clarinettist of the Meiningen Court Orchestra – and produced several works for clarinet as a result, including the Quintet with its profound Adagio, »as if dipped in dark sunset red«. But classical music was not the only genre to discover the clarinet’s leading role as a sometimes cheeky, sometimes wistful instrument. In particular, the multifaceted Yiddish musical tradition of Klezmer is virtually inconceivable without the clarinet’s specific timbre. This evening, Martin Fröst will give an impressive demonstration of what Christian Friedrich David Schubart already said in 1784: »He who plays the clarinet soulfully seems to be declaring his love to the entire world, to the creatures of heaven themselves.«

Martin Fröst Clarinet
Quatuor Ébène Streichquartett

Johannes Brahms Streichquartett c-Moll op. 51 Nr. 1
Johannes Brahms Ungarische Tänze für Klarinette und Streichquartett (Auswahl)
Johannes Brahms Klarinettenquintett h-moll op. 115
Martin Fröst Klezmer Dances

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