bamberger symphoniker

extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

May 21

Chamberconcert with our portrait artist

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
20:00 Uhr

Our featured artist never fails to stir up the world of classical music with her uncompromising artistic stance. In this concert, Patricia Kopatchinskaja once again will prove her versatility. As the reciter, she will slip into the role of Pierrot, the melancholy commedia dell'arte character who is the protagonist of Schoenberg's work »Pierrot lunaire«, which Stravinsky described as the »solar plexus of 20th-century music«. This expressive melodrama about the moon-crazy clown was written in 1912 and is based on poems by Albert Giraud in their German translation by Otto Erich Hartleben. In it, Schoenberg wanted to »achieve new forms of expression«: »The sounds here become practically animalistic, immediate expressions of sensual and emotional movements.« The music is full of tension and variety: light, unfettered passages stand side by side with heavy, complex sections. And since the rhythmic recitation is what carries the piece, situations both exalted and comical arise time after time. Each poem describes a small scene, a moving picture, a macabre anecdote, a nocturnal grotesque, the moon or the moonstruck Pierrot. This clown »endeared himself« to Patricia Kopatchinskaja a long time ago, and she describes Schoenberg's melodrama as »the most beautiful blossom in the craziest garden you can possibly imagine«. As a violinist she has played this modern classic several times, and now she has made the fascinating speaking role her own. In this playful programme, »Pierrot Lunaire« will be coupled with Enescu's fiddle piece »Ménétrier« and Strauss waltzes delicately arranged by Schoenberg and Webern: »That goes well with cabaret and music hall and forms a beautiful contrast.«

Patricia Kopatchinskaja Violin
Messun Hong-Coleman Violin
Thomas Kaufmann Violoncello
Julia Gallego Flute
Reto Bieri Clarinet
Joonas Ahonen Piano
Members of the Bamberg Symphony

George Enescu »Ménétrier« aus den »Impressions d’enfance« op. 28 für Violine solo
Arnold Schönberg Teil 1 aus »Pierrot lunaire« op. 21
Johann Strauß (Sohn) Schatzwalzer op. 418 (Bearbeitung: Anton von Webern)
Arnold Schönberg Teil 2 aus »Pierrot lunaire« op. 21
Johann Strauß (Sohn) Kaiserwalzer op. 437 (Bearbeitung: Arnold Schönberg)
Arnold Schönberg Teil 3 aus »Pierrot lunaire« op. 21