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May 22

Guest at the Mozartfest Würzburg

Würzburg, Kaisersaal der Residenz
20:00 Uhr

»Don't forget so-called popular music, which is sure to tickle everyone’s ears!« Mozart often ignored his father’s advice, but occasionally took this counsel to heart. In the case of his popular A major piano concerto of 1786, this would not have been a difficult task. The concerto is full of wit, elegance and catchy melodies – it is easy to hear that it was composed at the same time as Mozart’s »Figaro« opera. Shooting star Seong-Jin Cho’s performance will certainly »tickle« everyone's ears! Beforehand, Andrew Manze will conduct a playful piece by Stravinsky that puts a modern spin on the baroque idiom. The concerto was written in 1946 for the 20th anniversary of the Basle Chamber Orchestra. It is superficially reminiscent of the baroque concerto grosso, but is ingeniously »spiced« with 20th-century elements. Our audience’s curious ears will also hear the exciting work »Traces des moments« by the internationally acclaimed composer Isabel Mundry. It was written in 2000 and takes its audience on a fascinating trip to a Japanese garden, where Mundry discovered a small pond with a waterfall: »The water’s eternal ripples are in constant motion here, influenced by random movements of the wind or the jumping of frogs.« The programme ends with a symphony by Haydn, who liked to play musical tricks on concertgoers, annoyed when they failed to listen properly or even fell asleep. His E flat major Symphony of 1788, which is often paid only scant attention, contains a wealth of refreshing ideas, including a catchy song theme and folk-music elements – and is a fine illustration of one critic’s comment on Haydn's symphonies: »When he sets his orchestra in motion, everything speaks.«

Soloists at Isabel Mundry "Traces des moments" (20-22 MAY):

Karl Rauer
Teodoro Anzellotti accordion
Theresa Jensen violin
Sarah Luisa Zrenner viola
Ulrich Witteler Violoncello

Andrew Manze Conductor
Seong-Jin Cho Piano

Igor Strawinski Concerto in Re »Basler Konzert«
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Konzert für Klavier und Orchester A-Dur KV 488
François-Joseph Gossec (19. MAI) Symphonie Es-Dur op. 12 Nr. 5
Isabel Mundry (20.-22. MAI) »Traces des moments«
Joseph Haydn Symphonie Es-Dur Hob.I:91

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