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Jan 19

Juraj Valčuha conducts Prokofjew, Korngold and Strawinski

Abo E
Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
17:00 Uhr

»No other form of writing is able to tell the human heart as wonderful things as the fairy-tale,« said Johann Gottfried Herder. But what do oranges have to do with love in Prokofiev? »Just an amusing work,« he said of his fairy-tale opera. A prince who is unable to laugh, the fairy Fata Morgana and other powers and strange creatures – and three guarded oranges. The prince is cursed to find them and fall in love with them. In a variation of the Frog King story, a sweet little princess emerges from one of the delicious citrus fruits. Stravinsky also uses this fairy-tale, fantastic element in his famous »Firebird«: this piece, originally composed as a dance poem, is based upon the Russian legend of the young tsarevich Ivan, who captures the glittering firebird in the magical garden of the wicked prince magician Koschei – and lets it go again in exchange for an enchanted feather. Princesses dance in a moonlit park. Using the feather, Ivan is able to break the magician’s spell – and marry one of the princesses. These two Russian narratives frame a highly romantic showpiece by Korngold, who was also brilliant at conjuring up worlds of images – after all, in his Hollywood exile he wrote music for a large number of films. His violin concerto includes themes from these luxuriant scores – including »The Prince and the Pauper«, a turbulent comedy of errors based on Mark Twain. In this concertante cinema adventure, the violin goes on a nostalgic journey through the most beautiful scenes of the films quoted. We will be welcoming the Slovakian Juraj Valčuha as our guest conductor, and star violinist Vilde Frang will be appearing as our virtuoso teller of tales!

Juraj Valčuha Conductor
Vilde Frang Violin

Sergei Prokofjew »Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen«, Suite op. 33b
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur op. 35
Igor Strawinski »Der Feuervogel«, Suite für Orchester (Fassung 1945)