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Oct 18

Re-inauguration of the Jann-Organ with Martin Haselböck and Christian Schmitt

Abo A / Schüler-Abo
Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
20:00 Uhr

This concert will pull out all the stops! Our organ is now 25 years old. After being completely refurbished, it will be ceremonially re-dedicated this evening, resounding in new splendour. The concert will start with Mozart’s charming miniatures: he already »romped around on the organ« as a little boy of six. From then onwards, playing the organ formed part of his tour programmes, and between 1779 and 1781 he was even a salaried court organist in Salzburg. His striking church sonatas really convey the pleasure he took in improvisation. Margarita Höhenrieder will interpret Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 4: when composing its highly dramatic second movement, he was supposedly thinking of Orpheus taming the Furies of the Underworld. Soon, speculation was rife about whether the mythic first poet and composer had inspired a secret programme underlying the whole concerto. In 1854, Liszt even dedicated an entire symphonic tone painting to Orpheus, conjuring up the image of an idyllic prehistoric period in a stupendous hymn to music, a ceaseless flow of pleasing melodies and harmonies. He himself spoke of »Elysian breezes« and »clouds of incense«, commenting that he beheld »Orpheus form on an Etruscan vase« in his mind’s eye, »the image of the singer moving even the stones with his lute and his singing.« Liszt’s colossal Organ Fantasia was first performed in 1855 at the dedication of the new organ in Merseburg Cathedral: it is based upon the Anabaptist chorale »Ad nos, ad salutarem undam« from Meyerbeer’s opera »Le Prophète« – a tune that makes an indelible impression on anyone hearing it. As an encore, we will hear the world premiere of a masterly commissioned work employing the glockenspiel, written by the French composer and world-class organist Daniel Roth.

Martin Haselböck Conductor
Christian Schmitt Organ
Margarita Höhenrieder Piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4 Sonaten für Orgel und Orchester
Ludwig van Beethoven Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 4 G-Dur op. 58
Franz Liszt »Orpheus«, Symphonische Dichtung Nr. 4
Daniel Roth Uraufführung einer Auftragskomposition der Bamberger Symphoniker für Orgel solo
Franz Liszt »Ad nos, ad salutarem undam«, Fantasie für Orgel und Orchester (Bearbeitung: Marcel Dupré)