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May 22

Ring without words in Munich

München, Isarphilharmonie
20:00 Uhr

for orchestra assembled by Lorin Maazel

»The Ring Without Words« – the title alone is enough to trigger one’s curiosity! This programme revolves around Wagner's timeless parable of power and love, the monumental drama of the »Ring of the Nibelung«. Loriot once commented: »The perpetrators in the most powerful drama in the history of music are actually quite nice people – it is just that a common passion becomes their undoing. In the blind, callous pursuit of profit, they destroy themselves and their world.« We will perform a fascinating fast-forward through the four operas of this opus magnum, entirely without sets, singers or costumes, that was created in 1987 by the famous conductor Lorin Maazel, who said, »The orchestral score itself is the 'Ring’, encoded in sound. When you decipher this code, it turns out to be a story, a legend, a song, a philosophy – in countless cosmic overtones and human undertones.« Maazel’s »symphonic synthesis« aims to bring this »sound code« closer to the audience. And indeed, the orchestral decoction has no need of words: prominent vocal parts are taken over by the instruments, which present the many catchy melodies and leitmotifs that Wagner called »emotional signposts« for the listeners. The music follows the operatic chronology of the »festival for the stage« exactly, from the first note of »Rheingold« to the final chord of »Götterdämmerung«. The performance of this great symphony of music theatre is truly something to look forward to – a concert of just under 75 minutes, both for curious newcomers to Wagner's world and for die-hard fans who simply don't have the time for a 15-hour »Ring« marathon!

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Jens Harzer Narrator

SONDERKONZERT »Der Ring ohne Worte«