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May 23

SPECIAL CONCERT for students, apprentices and pupils

Bamberg, Konzerthalle, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal
20:00 Uhr

"Many little people doing many little things in many little places can change the face of the world”, as the saying goes. Our student concert aims to put the spotlight on the important theme of caring for creation. We are delighted to welcome Ruth Reinhardt to the podium, one of the most exciting conductors of our time. Thomas Adès’ 2008 piece takes the creation of our fascinating world as its theme: "In Seven Days", which at times is reminiscent of riotous film music, describes the biblical tale of creation, from the initial chaos to the birth of living creatures and God’s final contemplation. The composer, who is one of the most impressive figures in contemporary music, explained that it was “an evolution of ideas that recur and transform, that expand and explode as if the genetic code of the universe were bursting out in music both organic and geometric.” Like many other young artists, the acclaimed Finnish composer Cecilia Damström is always at the forefront of current trends. Many of her works are politically motivated, and she wrote "ICE" in 2021 for Sinfonia Lahti – the first CO2-neutral symphony orchestra. This piece revolves around the threat of the melting ice caps and the destruction of our planet’s natural beauty due to global warming, the collapse of ecosystems, and the world’s ever accelerating pace. The music’s haunting sounds and the warning ringing of a bicycle bell depict the shrinking of natural spaces and the ever-shorter winter periods caused by climate change – and we can also hear how our suffering environment is fighting bitterly for its existence with every "heartbeat".

Ruth Reinhardt Conductor

Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt, Suite Nr. 1, »Morgenstimmung«
Thomas Adès »In Seven Days« für Klavier und Orchester
Cecilia Damström »ICE« für Orchester