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© Matthias Krug

Young People's Concerts

With music teaching in primary and secondary schools in marked decline, the Bamberg Symphony's educational work is becoming ever more important. For over a decade the Orchestra has offered special concert formats for children and young people, opened its rehearsals to groups of youngsters and has brought instruments and repertoire into classes of all ages under the banner »Music You Can Touch«. Since the 2014/15 season, the Bamberg Symphony has been partner of the pilot academy »Kultur Am Heidelsteig«, a Bamberg primary and secondary school with a social focus which is working with the City's Culture and Education Department to become one of Bavaria's first culture academies.

Family concerts

Our family concerts (max. duration: 60 minutes) are ideal for musical »beginners« from the age of 5 years in company of their parents, grand-parents, brothers and sisters. A presenter leads through the concert. Tickets € 5,00 (reduced) / € 10,00 (regular)

»»Ma mère l'oye« (»Mutter Gans«) Suite für Orchester von Maurice Ravel

Saturday, 8 December 2018, 11.00 and 15.00

Ludovic Morlot  Conductor
Malte Arkona  Narrator

"Once upon a time ..." Who does not know the fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty, Little Tom Thumb or the Beauty and the Beast? Inspired by these and other stories, Maurice Ravel composed the work "Ma mère l'oye" for the children of friends. In this family concert we hear how Maurice Ravel has transformed the mood of fairy tales into music. KiKA presenter Malte Arkona takes us into a fantasy world in which we encounter Sleeping Beauty, the Beauty and the Beast, Tom Thumb and the Empress of Pagodas, and finally enter a fairytale fairy garden. Let yourself be carried away to the fairytale world and be enchanted by Ravel's music!

Malte Arkona
© Chris Noltekuhlmann

»Animal Carnival« after Camille Saint-Saëns
Carnival concert for the whole family

Sunday, 03 March 2019, 11.00

Meike Hess  Narrator

In the forest, all the animals gather together to have a party. Elephants, monkeys, lions, kangaroos, shimmering shoals of fish, donkeys, chickens, turtles ... they are all there to invite you to the »carnival of the animals«. Here you can hear an "I-ah" of the donkey and there you can see the call of the cuckoo. But what does an aquarium sound like and how does a kangaroo hops musically? Once again, our musicians will bring big and small animals to life with their instruments. In exchange with the orchestra, Meike Hess leads through the concert and presents her texts. An animal pleasure for young and old, in the disguising for young and old is expressly desired!

Karneval der Tiere
© Michael Trippel

»Peter und der Wolf«– ein musikalisches Märchen für Sprecher und Orchester op. 67 von Sergei Prokofjew 
Familienkonzert für große und kleine Menschen ab 5 Jahren

Saturday, 06. April 2019, 11.00 and 15.00

Juri Tetzlaff Narrator


A little boy, a grandfather, a bird, a cat, a duck and a wolf - who does not know, the fairy tale of Peter and the wolf? Peter, who lives with his grandfather and his animals on the edge of the forest and with cunning and trick to save the duck, the bird and the cat from the dangerous wolf. Together with the KiKA presenter Juri Tetzlaff, we embark on a musical discovery tour: the flute becomes a bird, the oboe a duck, the bassoon a grandfather, the horns a wolf and the string instruments the little Peter. There is a lot for the audience to join in and laugh at. And by the way, the musical fairy tale introduces the world of orchestral music in a playful way and spreads a lot of fun and games
Joy for young and old.

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»Slam Symphony«

As we're based in Bavaria's poetry slam and spoken word capital it's only natural to put on a performance that mixes electrifying music and live spoken word. Three of Germany’s top slammers face each other on stage to perform texts they've created specially for this concert – the audience decides the winner!

Tickets € 10,- (reduced) / € 20,-

Thursday, 17 June 2018, 19.00

Slam Symphony – Young People's Concert with Slam Poetry

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Bas Böttcher, David Friedrich, Max Kennel und Dalibor Marković Poetry Slam
Christian Ritter Presenter

Josef Suk »Ein Sommermärchen« Symphonische Dichtung op. 29

For the fifth time it's time for our slam poets to perform and we've invited them all back for this little anniversary! Whom? The winners of the last five years »Slam Symphony«! With a text written especially for this concert, they all return to Bamberg to compete against each other on our concert stage. In the end, the audience determines the winner of the evening! And this time the theme is especially "poetic": Josef's "A Summer's Tale" offers a lot of possibilities to tell an exciting story. 
We are looking forward to it!

Slam Symphony 2014
© Matthias Krug