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Apr 22

Sol Gabetta plays Lutosławski

Abo B
Bamberg, Konzerthalle
20:00 Uhr

Albert Einstein once wrote that the »joy, the sacred curiosity of research« is a »delicate little plant« that, besides stimulation, needs »freedom first and foremost«. The opening of our concert will take us into the turbulent world of Mozart's opera »Figaro«, first performed in 1786. It is based on a socially critical comedy by Beaumarchais, which had caused a scandal in Vienna – and thus made Mozart all the more curious about its subject-matter. He created a refreshing work full of comic misunderstanding and confusion, with one of the characters saying at one point: »Ha, my curiosity has made a good catch!« In addition, we will shine a spotlight on a rarely performed work by the Polish composer Lutosławski, who was always eager to make new discoveries. His colourful Cello Concerto of 1970 gives both the soloist and the orchestra musicians free rein – for it was Lutosławski’s conscious aim »to recreate the joy that should form an intrinsic part of music-making«. Star cellist Sol Gabetta is sure to come off best in this thrilling exchange of blows with our musicians! To conclude, we will delve into the symphonic world of Shostakovich, who always strove for artistic freedom but regularly suffered under the constraints of his country’s rigid political doctrine. His Tenth Symphony, described as »the tragedy of a profoundly isolated individual«, was written in 1953 – a few months after Stalin's death, which had brought the worst period of censorship to a temporary end. And thus this epic work seems like a stroke of artistic liberation: long stretches are characterised by a gloomy, brooding atmosphere that expresses the composer’s past experiences, and the second movement paints a grim portrait of Stalin – but in the exuberant Finale, a more optimistic mood prevails.

Krzysztof Urbański Conductor
Sol Gabetta Violoncello

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ouvertüre zu »Le nozze di Figaro«
Witold Lutoslawski Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester
Dmitri Schostakowitsch Symphonie Nr. 10 e-moll op. 93