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Jan 20

Hélène Grimaud plays Mozart

München, Philharmonie
19:00 Uhr

To mark Beethoven’s 250th birthday, we are launching a project that will continue over the coming seasons: Beethoven’s individual symphonies will be placed within a context that enables audiences to experience and hear the music-historical and aesthetic effect of these works. These programmes will connect space and time while simultaneously reminding us of the timelessness of musical genius. In this concert, we will thus recall a composer from our Bohemian homeland who was a contemporary of Beethoven. Now, he is now well-nigh forgotten, but Beethoven himself praised his talented colleague – and even sent him his own personal physician before the young composer died far too early at only 34 years of age. This individual is Jan Václav Voříšek, who was regarded as a promising talent in Vienna at the time. Beethoven’s influence is clearly audible in his works – especially in his inspired D major symphony, whose themes are developed from a striking motif. Voříšek also once conducted Beethoven’s second symphony at the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde – a work will also be performed in this concert. It was written in 1802, a testament to Beethoven’s early creative powers, as a contemporary already noted: “This work of a ‘spirit of fire’ will continue to live when thousands of fashionable things that are celebrated now have long been buried.” Nothing in the symphony hints at the fact that in the same year, Beethoven wrote a harrowing “testament” in the Viennese suburb of Heiligenstadt, hoping vainly for a remedy for his deafness. Its music is brimming with vitality and joie de vivre, showing a spiritual connection to the “Magic Flute” by Mozart – another composer to feature in our programme: like many of his compositions, the popular piano concerto no. 20 was written “helter-skelter” and was only copied out for the orchestra musicians the night before the premiere; Mozart played the piano part himself from memory. The key of D minor makes it a highly dramatic, nostalgic work. It will be presented by the French world-class musician Hélène Grimaud, whose deeply felt interpretations are full of magical tone colour and continue to resonate long after her performances are over.

Jan Václav Voříšek Symphonie D-Dur op. 24
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 20 d-Moll KV 466
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 2 D-Dur op. 36

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