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Marcus Rudolf Axt

"what we love" - 2024/2025

Over 20 nationalities, musicians from their early 20s to their mid-60s
mid-60s, working together on one stage on what they have
discovered in their childhood as a lifelong passion:
Making music - for you, our valued audience.

What we love: This is exactly what we bring to the hearts of the audience every of the audience.
What you love: Music from Bach and Mozart to Mahler and Stravinsky, you have told us, occasionally also completely new music, if it is played with love.
What we love: not only our audience, but also the people who inspire, challenge and enthuse our orchestra. The chief conductor Jakub Hrůša, our three honorary conductors, who have loved and appreciated our orchestra for decades, and many guests from all over the world, conductors and conductors. This season, we asked them what they love and asked them to bring us their favourite work or a special special programme concept that draws clever connections between the the individual symphonies, instrumental concertos, overtures and suites.
What we love: Discovering familiar works with a fresh perspective every week, or getting to know new ones, sometimes even after almost 80 years of years of orchestral life and around 7500 concerts.

What we love: That's the motto for the new season. It should also to give free rein to your thoughts. Just like the infinity of the starry sky, the soft tactility of a mossy floor in the forest or the sensory explosion when tasting freshly baked sourdough bread, there are also many moments in music in which a feeling of happiness penetrates directly into the emotional centre and the rational perception of the surroundings fades into the background. We work, live and love for these moments, feelings and sensory impressions music, our audience, our fellow human beings, our profession.

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the concerts in Bamberg and the world. With your favourite orchestra, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra.
A warm welcome to you!

Marcus Rudolf Axt
President and CEO

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