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Oct 20

Sol Gabetta spielt Elgar

Fulda, Schlosstheater
20:00 Uhr

»She revels in poetry and elegy, as if Edward Elgar had written his Cello Concerto just for her. When this artist lets her cello sing, her mastery making virtuoso passages seem like nothing at all, then optimism and zest in life flare up again and again amid the piece’s gentle melancholy,« a critic enthused about Sol Gabetta, who was our last season’s featured artist. We are delighted to now be going on tour with her, performing Elgar's famous Cello Concerto. This work is pervaded by a well-nigh overwhelming nostalgia. When he wrote it in 1917, Elgar was horrified by the events of the First World War and trying to deal with the loss of people close to him. The result is a highly emotional work, charged with a sense of farewell – but before the melancholy cello is swept away by its cantilenas, a dancing rondo provides a brief ray of hope. We will complement this masterpiece with Bruckner's »Romantic Symphony« in the revised version of 1878 to 1880 – a symphony of vast dimensions depicting extra-musical matter, although the composer once said: »I can’t remember myself what I was thinking of when I wrote it!« However, the horn call that sets the work’s tone evokes associations with the great outdoors and country life, and thus was once called the »Symphony of the Forest«. According to Bruckner, it features a »love-struck boy off to climb up to his lover’s window«, birds chirping, and a moving funeral march. In the famous Scherzo we hear a jaunty hunt and the melody of a Ländler, a country dance – here, Bruckner noted in the score: »Dance tune played during the meal while out hunting«.

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Sol Gabetta Violoncello

Johann Nepomuk Hummel Klavierquintett op. 87 es-Moll
Edward Elgar Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester e-Moll op. 85
Anton Bruckner Symphonie Nr. 4 Es-Dur »Romantische«