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May 22

The world after Wagner

Bamberg, Konzerthalle
20:00 Uhr



Richard Wagner’s music has long been a fixture in the concerts of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. Under Jonathan Nott, we gave concert performances of almost all of Wagner’s operas. In 2013 we were guests at the Lucerne Festival, performing the entire »Ring des Nibelungen«. The orchestra's history likewise repeatedly reveals points of contact, from a »Walküre« under Joseph Keilberth, which we performed in Barcelona in 1955 as a Bayreuth Festival guest performance, to our predecessor orchestra at the German Opera House in Prague, which on 1 January 1914 gave the first performance of »Parsifal« outside Bayreuth, following the expiry of the copyright restricting performances of the work to the Festspielhaus.

This year we would like to give our curiosity full rein in exploring the effects of Wagner's music. In a concert series inspired by the recent book by New York music critic and author Alex Ross, »The World After Wagner« will be brought to life in a kind of musical laboratory. Music, texts and images dealing with the Wagner phenomenon will be interwoven in an interdisciplinary fashion – a kind of tribute to Wagner’s concept of the »Gesamtkunstwerk«. In addition, we will perform the »Ring Without Words« in Lorin Maazel's popular version and show Fritz Lang's legendary 1924 silent film about »Siegfried« – accompanied live by the original film music.

We hope to (re)awaken your curiosity about Wagner and look forward to embarking on this journey of discovery together!

Jakub Hrůša Conductor

SONDERKONZERT »Die Welt nach Wagner«