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Marcus Rudolf Axt

"Curiosity" - 2021/2022

Dear music-lovers,

Year one of the pandemic has shaken the entire music world and has challenged all culture promoters to redefine their business model, but also their artistic values. For many months, we could fulfill our cultural mission only digitally, but the desire for the unrepeatability of the moment in the togetherness in the concert hall, cinema, or opera house is more present than ever. We have understood that music manifests itself not only as temporal art but also and especially as spatial art. The performance needs its audience to give the concert hall its emotional tint that brings the musical magic to the people.

In year 2 of the pandemic, we look back with gratitude at what we have succeeded in doing, but also with curiosity about the ways in which this new season can bring us together again in the concert hall with sensibility and new normality: "Curiosity" is the motto that will accompany our concerts. Many things had to be changed last season, works had to be combined in a new way, shorter concerts had to be played without an intermission, or even the unknown had to be scheduled at short notice. Every week we reinvented our concert system, filled the blank page with ideas - and made these ideas accessible to you, our audience, in a variety of ways. We now want to continue this courage with programs that are sometimes more unusual than in the past, but in which you can still experience the great symphonies.
Let us take you on a journey of discovery through the centuries, not only with Beethoven, Brahms, and Bruckner but also with Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges, Wilhelm Stenhammar, and Dan Brown!

We look forward to world stars on the conductor's podium and soloists in front of the orchestra: to Jakub Hrůša, who will present us with iconic works of the late Romantic period, to our two honorary conductors, to Hélène Grimaud, Sol Gabetta, Thomas Hampson, Fabio Luisi, ... and to a reunion with Jonathan Nott.
We are looking forward to concert tours to the major festivals in Lucerne and Hong Kong, but also to Prague, Paris, Vienna, and Hamburg. We are especially grateful to our loyal audience in Bamberg and for the many motivating letters in which you have told us of your desire to be there again.

Welcome back, whether digitally on the screen or finally in person again, in the shared reality of the orchestra with the audience in the concert hall. We are looking forward to meeting you and can't wait to make music for you again with passion.

Marcus Rudolf Axt
President and CEO

Please find our season brochure here.