bamberger symphoniker

extraordinary city.
extraordinary orchestra.

Konzerthalle Bamberg
© Andreas Herzau


The Bamberg Symphony - Bavarian State Philharmonic's funding come from the Free State of Bavaria, the City of Bamberg, the District of Upper Franconia and the Bamberg region.

Stadt Bamberg
Bezirk Oberfranken
Landkreis Bamberg

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of music,

What a stroke of luck it was that in 1946, one year after the Second World War had ended, a world-class orchestra settled in Bamberg – a city that for the most part had been spared the turmoil of war and thus had been able to preserve both its thousand-year-old beauty and its diverse range of art and cultural treasures. In this way, the "Franconian Rome" became the new home of the former German Philharmonic Orchestra from the "Golden City" of Prague, which has so many architectural, cultural, and historical parallels to Bamberg. For 75 years, the musicians of the new Bamberg Symphony have acted as as cultural ambassadors, spreading the reputation of both Bamberg and Bavaria all over the world, and for the last 15 years bearing the honorary title of Bavarian State Philharmonic Orchestra.

During this anniversary season, too, tours around the globe will take this world-class orchestra from West to the Far East as Bamberg’s musical ambassador. This is an important obligation with a long tradition: soon after its foundation, the Bamberg Symphony embraced a diplomatic cultural mission, travelling to countries that only a few years previously had been enemies in two world wars. Today, it is still the universal language of music that accompanies the dialogue of nations – for music is understood throughout the world and is able to move the hearts of those who hear it. We need this language more than ever now, in times when autocracies are gaining power, diplomatic dialogue is faltering, and social media are oscillating between political correctness and fake news. The noblest task of our Bavarian State Philharmonic Orchestra is to express the message of humanity in music.

I am delighted that the Free State of Bavaria has such an outstanding cultural ambassador in the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and that we were able to bring Jakub Hrůša, one of the most sought-after and successful artists of his generation, to Bavaria as the orchestra’s principal conductor. I wish the audience of the Bamberg Symphony an anniversary season full of inspiring musical experiences – listen to the language of music and let yourself fall under its spell!

Bernd Sibler
Bavarian State Minister for Science and the Arts

Bernd Silber