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Nov 24

On Tour: Janáček-Theater Brno

Brno - Janáček-Theater
19:00 Uhr

»Yes, just love him, love him so much – but don’t forget that he achieved poetic freedom after years of study, go back to the foundation of his work, don’t prove his genius through the last symphony!« Schumann said this about Beethoven – and it is indeed the case that the Symphony No. 4, which Jakub Hrůša has chosen for this programme, is often treated somewhat like a Cinderella among the nine symphonies. Quite wrongly, because it is an equally masterful composition: it stands in B flat major, which is an expression of the »yearning for a better world« according to the symbolism of musical keys of a certain Mr Schubart, and is characterised by a friendly tone with many wonderful ideas. Our Chief Conductor combines it with an equally neglected piece from the pen of his beloved composer Dvořák. We will be playing the fascinating piano concerto together with the acclaimed pianist Daniil Trifonov: the wide-ranging work was premiered in Prague in 1878 and features a magnificent richness of deeply felt inspirations. We will first present the programme in Bamberg, but then also in Linz – and also travel to the birthplace of Jakub Hrůša, where we have something to celebrate: 1924 was the first time that the »Year of Czech Music« was celebrated. It goes without saying that we have to be there, and our luggage includes the two pieces that were played at the opening concert of the year-long festival in Brno – on the occasion of Josef Suk’s 50th birthday and Janáček’s 70th birthday. In other words, music by two more of our Chief Conductor’s favourite artists: The magnificent autobiographical tone poem »Zrání« and the sparkling orchestral rhapsody »Taras Bulba«.

Jakub Hrůša Conductor
Daniil Trifonov Piano

Josef Suk »Zráni« | »Lebensreifen« Symphonische Dichtung op. 34
Antonín Dvořák Konzert für Klavier und Orchester in g-moll op. 33
Leoš Janáček »Taras Bulba« Rhapsodie für Orchester